A new start

Cabrenysset... Today

CABRENYSSET, again and again!

It is Providence that will lead us, with my wife, at René to choose our first colley, a sand male name of ISLY DE CABRENYSSET

It was in 1973. And at the outset, we were amazed by the beauty, the presence of all these dogs and equally attracted to the qualities of this jovial man and boundless passion that animated him.

Humour at all times, his big heart, his rigour also insensibly him closer us. We accompany him more often in exhibitions, whether judge or exhibitor.

All our conversations back tirelessly to the gente canine. Informed educator, he has patiently taught us to recognize a beautiful expression, the flatness of a skull, to detect good angulation to allow a smooth and resilient approach. On studying the pedigrees, comparing the lines, it evoked issues related to livestock and satisfactions that can expect.

In 1987 our daughter Christel decided to stop his studies to assist René. She was just 20 years old, and 77. But what complicity between them there! That laughter and that tenderness also!
Thus, little bit our growing friendship led him to think that we will be those who will continue his work.

(below: Christel in August 1988 with Dcherryl Blonde Cabrenysset)

This January 7, 1990, our despair is such that we do not yet realize the weight of responsibility to which we were committed. We lose a friend, a father I believe, that left us the fruit of a lifetime of toil, a herd on which he had founded so much hope!

It consisted essentially of the CH LYNWAY SNOOPY,

a number of daughters whose pretty DCHERRYL BLONDE DE CABRENYSSET as René I was offered when she was 6 months.

Our daughter Muriel and... stepfamily!


Fiery SUPER TED OF LYNWAYfirst, in 3 years that René had bought Mr Alan CLARKE (Lynway livestock)...

.. .toujours as beautiful in 10 years!

Very young, the latter immediately made a very notable entry: Vice Champion of France in 1991, Elite at the age of 4 years, holder of many CAC and CACIB, 6 times best of breed. It will give rise to notable topics including CH INT DEAR NINO DE CABRENYSSET to M. HAYAERT and many others!

below, TEDDY judged by Mrs MOREAU DE VINCENS

A tireless entertainer, the cone of construction was and will remain her favorite toy...

Beginning in 1991, and in the context of the national exhibition of Chartres, we decided to hold rallies to pay tribute to Mr MOLI.

Chartres, June 9, 1991

TEDDY was married to the VALEZANNE CHYTA said ATEFEH. The latter gave, in 1990 to FLASH BLACK of CABRENYSSET
(right and below)

Very average performances in ring (really there a horror of it!) limit his record but he reveals himself be an excellent raceur that will produce famous subjects whose:

In early 1995, is JAMIROQUAI OF MOON RIVER (below) that makes a grand entrance at the Noah. He becomes ELITE A in 2000, and father of 5 Champion of France or International subjects. Thus, it is very present in many existing pedigrees!

In June 2003, his daughter, POPPY BLONDE DE CABRENYSSET, married to THORGAL DU PRE LUNEAU gives birth to UNCLE OJ GOLD of CABRENYSSET says JOJO (brother of MIMI) remain for breeding for 3 years and then he will join in the Paris region, our friends Corinne and Jacques House. Then will begin a very great love story... maintained by Corinne for a remarkable record in exhibitions and by Jacques for regular and long hikes. It has become the child of the family ;-), in the company of his great and beautiful girlfriend CHARMING CHEYENNE BLUE of CABRENYSSET. (below)

CH F 01 OXENIA BLONDE of the CLOS of the CENTAURS (opposite)

In July 2000, Ms. GIL Stéphanie proposes that we keep HABs son Rum COCA of the BALLOTINE which, for at the outset, it also turns an excellent player.

More recently, in 2004, it is a love of youth of SWAMPS of the PRINCE said ROCCO who arrives on the Ark. The following year, it is already silver COLLEY. In 2006, Michel MOCQUE, international judge, consecrated Champion of France. He is also International Champion and ELITE A !

He will be joined by AMALIE LYNMEAD JUST FOR YOU said JIMMY


These last two belonging to our friends James and Corinne House



Among those who lit up our showcase, we should remember STOKEDALE SPICE GIRL, called CASSIE who, thanks to the complicity of our friend Raphaël Pouplard is entrusted to us by his English breeder Mrs Val DENHAM. She crossed the Channel in April 2001 and will very quickly be on the rings winning very many victories: 12 ACC, 7 CACIB, 15 BOB, the CCSA and the BOB at the national in 2003 with the English judge Mr Alan JONES, allowing him to become champion of France. It was a bitch whose beauty equalled the kindness. We still mourn the...

In June 2003, POPPY CABRENYSSET BLONDE, daughter of JAMI, gives birth to UP TO DATE GOLD of CABRENYSSET known as MIMI. Coincidence disturbing and amazing, be aware that it is a descendant of KENNY , the first dog of René with her cattery!
In turn, very many victories - including 1 CACIB birthday of its 15-month - go Crown that will be also champion of France and best of breed at the national of livestock, la Roche-Posay exhibition in 2005, CACS assigned by Mr Philippe LALANNE JONQUEL which we reproduce below the comment:

It is the exceptional subject we can dream for 15 years of breeding
and on which everything is successful: the grace, femininity, the je ne sais quoi that
fact that one becomes unforgettable

His title of champion international will be approved the following year. It totals to date 16 times the place of 1st excellent in 15 different judges including 2 English. In 2005, she will be crowned Golden COLLEY as well as her mother, in the reproductive category.

Strange destiny as hers since she left us, also, much too early...

It is also to the breeding of the SWAMPS of the PRINCE, held by Ms. Christine BISCONTE, that we decide to acquire two subjects which we appreciate the origins:
TOO HOT TO HANDLE of SWAMPS of the PRINCE called HANDY in 2002

.. .and love and TENDERNESS of SWAMPS of the PRINCE, known as BABOO, a doll blonde, as pretty as facetious. It was she who would carry on his shoulders all our hopes for the years to come.


His list of honours is eloquent, she carried a very large number of victories:
12 excellent 1st time, 5 CACIB, 7 times breed best!


Bride that I consider to be the most brilliant standard in France, TEXAS BLOND of path of hiking, among our friends Arlette and Christian ROULIER, she gave us a wonderful scope which we jealously kept probably the most beautiful of his boys: DADDY COOL of CABRENYSSET. And at the outset, we detected in him an extraordinary potential. A cheerful, balanced character, an emoticon to crack the ladies, wonderfully drawn eyes, and a totally standard ears port. The dream, what!

... presented here by our granddaughter Roxane.


Harmoniously, we saw it grow and beautify. At 13 months, in this photo, we guess its early maturity...Exhibitions him like c ' is so rare for a Collie - and the judges are unanimous about her qualifications, even if some accuse him of being a little too happy...


Started very early his career as player. We are so anxious to discover its potential... And the beautiful are not going to delay coming from all sides, from France and abroad. Nearly 40 weddings at the end of the year 2012, including about a quarter with very pretty bitches of our daughter-in-law, Fleur Veyrunes (wood of the Amazons). Wonderful babies will come of all these unions and will require not more to seek the services of Mr Daddy! The large number of babies in each scope is also a reassuring element for breeders.


When the national 2012 livestock exhibition, its reproduction group gets 1st place!
The Standard of Elite A title just be approved.

The new generation is preparing...

DADDY was going to marry sweet-bitter BLONDE DE CABRENYSSET, known as DOLLY, the bitch of our friend Ivan LE ROUX who made a remarkable exposure routes.

Go to his website:

A remarkable scope of which we decide to keep a pretty blonde: FOLLY sweet BLONDE of the Valley of charm photographed below at the age of 5 months. Well posed on its four legs with the ears and the eyes of Dad!


There is no doubt that it will also become a cornerstone of farming.


.. .with a boundless vitality!

A parallel line

We reuse Texas with a Handy girl, Bali Sand de Cabrenysset. This scope we kept DARLING GOLD of CABRENYSSET bride with his half-brother DADDY, it will offer a range of exceptional and very homogeneous quality.

Here is the lovely HONEY MOON BLONDE DE CABRENYSSET MOON from of a family consisting of 6 sisters and 1 single brother! Will it be our colors here. The rest of the family will scatter, sometimes very far...

Moon in five months...

Moon, 8 months, à l'exposition Internationale de Rouen 2013, brilliantly presented by Corinne, gets his first title of best Puppy and the podium of the best Puppies, all combined races!

In the Netherlands, HIGHT CLASS GIRL of CABRENYSSET NOA at John & Marie-Louise Dubois, who won't hesitate, as shown in the video below, to share their pool with it!

MEDIA_UID_img - 0319.mov

In Great Britain, HEART OF GOLD by CABRENYSSET, FLORENCE Hannah & Simon Walder. It comes under the judgments of Jimmy TAIT to be at 8 months, qualified for the great exhibition of Cruft's in March 2013... She gets a brilliant 3rd place in a class of 11 subjects. The judge's comments are complimentary:

3rd second Walders Heart of Gold of Cabrenysset for Hanvale (ImpFra), in contrast to, this bitch has a wealth of coat. She was very well presented and maintained throughout, and sympathetically handled. Very shapely, she flows throughout with well sprung ribs, nice rise over the loins. Off well for bone at this age, with lovely tight feet, neat legacy. Her head is very feminine, well placed stop, well-shaped eyes, correct ear placement. She has profuse coat around her head, which I feel would benefit from being stripped a little. Lovely shoulder placement, correctly angulated, good bend of stifle. Her movement was a little sluggish today, which cost her a higher place, but she showed herself to advantage. Made up a trio of lovely bitches

.. .and HEART OF ROSE of CABRENYSSET ROSE in Beijing at the friendly and renowned breeder Vera Hu! Never a colley of Cabrenysset had gone so far! We hope that Rose will pass his qualities to the Chinese lines!

25 January 2013: arrival of ROMY
Haute Couture of the Amazons wood,
Daughter of Daddy Cool and Farrah Fawcett of the BdA.

Thanks to you, flower, a new and wonderful adventure begins...!

Romy, at 9 weeks


March 13, 2013: the joy of winter to the Noah! (top, right of the quator, Romy all schuss, below, Jimmy then Folly sweet)

Aout 2014     La relève est assurée...

      Jade et Johnny sont nés le 30 mars 2014. Orphelins à 12 jours, ils vont perpétuer le souvenir de leur Maman, la jeune et jolie Folly Douce...
Le Papa est le célèbre CH Famous Hero of Moon River "Marlow". De cette portée, nous suivrons aussi "JJ" parti en Allemagne et "Dora" en GB pour rejoindre "Flo" chez nos amis Hannah et Simon Walder.