It is followed by TOO MUCH IN BLACK of CABRENYSSET, born on 22 March 2002, daughter of rum Coca the Ballotine and Please Kiss Me. She is the mother of a few famous topics: has ' SHOWNA BLACK of CABRENYSSET (breeding Lovely Bears in the Netherlands), ARIANE blue of CABRENYSSET among our friends Mr and Mrs Boudry, CHARMING CHEYENNE BLUE of CABRENYSSET to our friends Mr and Mrs Maison, she is also the mother of our beautiful Stallion DIAMOND BLACK of CABRENYSSET.

Une photo pour ses onze ans et pour montrer qu'on peut encore être ravissante à cet âge!

Its scope with BLISS of hiking in the video path

Babies have four weeks and come out for the first time...

To see this video...

The scope with BLISS BB