May 5, 2013: Darling babies Daddy x, 4 and a half weeks, in topic maternity!

My parents: TEXAS BLOND of path of hiking(left) and BALI SAND DE CABRENYSSET (right)

With MOM, Bali Cabrenysset Sand

Here, in the canteen, all these small starving...

March 30, 2012: the first scope...1 boy, 7 girls!

A remarkably homogeneous scope whose examples: Honey Moon and Harmony

Heart Of Gold (Florence) and Hello Kitty (Kitty)

29 March 2013 : 2nd issue scope of the same marriage! You don't change a winning team! But this time, 4 boys and 3 girls!

Daddy & Darling babies!

Here, in four and a half weeks

The boys on the left, girls on the right.

male 1 then male 2

male 3 then 4 male

Female 1 then female 2

female 3

Shortly after the birth

His Union with DADDY COOL, DARLING GOLD we were offered, this March 29, 7 beautiful babies, all Golden (4 boys and 3 girls)
The Noah is again in jubilation!

The first hours, days, good warm milk from MOM...

Premières leçons...


Quelques dernières photos de notre "Dreamy" juste avant qu'il ne nous quitte pour rejoindre sa famille d'accueil. Bonne chance, petit bonhomme...!
Some last pictures of our "Dreamy" just before before leaving us to join his host family. Good luck, little guy! ..