4 ans et demi

6 mois

2 mois et demi

First marriage...

Born December 21, 2009.
Married to FREEMAN BLOND of path of hiking, on February 4, 2012 she gave birth to 3 beautiful BB, 1 male and 2 females including SYLVIA BLONDE CABRENYSSET (above) our friend Lina Chevallier.

Another highly anticipated Covenant

.. .with Amalie Lynmead Just For You, says Jimmy the young English Stallion

Happy event to the Noah!

Of Eden and Jimmy babies are born March 19!
These are the first children of the beautiful Amalie...
There are 3 boys and 2 girls. If you wish to book one of them, please send us a simple to express your choice!

The scope was born March 19, 2013, photographed here in 4 days, and then at 16

Confab around a string of sausages to know how to share it fairly...

1st exit in the grass... Finally!

After all those days of endless rain of spring...

Voici Igor

chez Monsieur et Madame Demil 

Et I Am Chellsy 

chez Mademoiselle Louvin Brigitte