Breeding champions

1951: Burning Cabrenysset
1952: Ch Cabrenysset bebop
1952: Ch Kippar di Villa Gaia
1956: Ch Cabrenysset Farys
1957: Ch Cabrenysset Goliath
1957: Ch Cabrenysset Gouaity
1957: Ch Goubbya Blue by Cabnreysset
1958: Ch Cabrenysset Hableur
1960: Ch Cabnreysset Jog
1961: Ch Cabrenysset Kabocharde
1962: Ch Last Symphony in Blue Cabrenysset
1962: Ch Cabrenysset Lanzvata
1964: Ch Cabnreysset SSD
1964: Ch New Mayfair Lady of Cabrenysset
1964: Ch New Blue Cabrenysset Debonnair
1965: Ch Mandailles Jefsfire Drummergay
1965: Ch O'Blue Cabrenysset Morning
1966: Ch Play Blue Dog by Cabrenysset
1966: Ch Cabrenysset Potiphar
1966: Ch Patacks's Cabenysset Lluna
1967: Ch Cabrenysset Qualamite
1968: Ch Cabrenysset Rayliane
1969: Ch Cabrenysset Squeamysh
1976: Ch Mister Blue by Cabrenysset
1977: Ch Corydon Copper Crown
1984: Ch Lynway Snoopy
1987: Elite has Super Ted of Lynway
1988: Ch Dear Nino Cabrenysset Blond
1990: Elite B Flash Black by Cabrenysset
1994: Elite has Jamiroquai of Moon River
1996: Ch Mascara Cabrenysset Blonde
2003: Ch Stokedale Spice Girl
2005: Ch Up to Date Gold by Cabrenysset
2006: Ch a love of youth of swamps of the Prince
2013: Elite A Cool Daddy's Cabrenysset