... or how to become a star?

Hello friends,

It's me UNCLE OJ GOLD of CABRENYSSET - but call me JOJO simply – which begs you to listen to me, or rather reading me, five minutes. As it is there now with my sister UP TO DATE GOLD of CABRENYSSET aka MIMI for the respondents, fifteen weeks and, Hallelujah, we still trots on the Ark to the Noah! It is beautiful and rather reassuring, right?

Because to remain there, in this small house of Perche, it of not really cotton, believe me, then, it applies as well obey, and keep a pretty face then...As if indeed you could something! Obviously, there must be there a little than not' mother Poppy Blonde Cabrenysset and that's not ' father Beau, the magnificent Thorgal Thorgal, Yes! Thorgal Pacific! Tunney Luneau, please, do not forget the particle

Here, in fact, never seen otherwise than in picture the beautiful Hidalgo! He did his p'tite affair with MOM and then there is is barred, the handsome guy! Same in there which saw him paraded in the rings by rolling the shoulders and rump, and others which have surprised him home to the lovely heart with pretty ladies... Ah! These standards, all the same! Strongly my turn, want!

But back to MOM who will not care, she laughs much better with us both! There must say that with three hair that remains on the head and little more on rump, it is today closer to the North American coyote than from British collies...Then, the dummy that she was went on parental leave. By the force of things.

In short, all that to say that it appears that it is pretty Streetwise since it is still there. So much the better! But it is not pink every day! Keep morale, trust me!

Keep, if you still a ' tite second, open the eyes to read all our miseries it takes that they tell you in detail:

We can start the toilet: this is not frankly more fun. Firstly that one climbs on the table, I, who have one of these dizzy! It opens large mouth (no, no, said not the mouth for a dog) to see if that happens there. Also appears that it is serious if lack us the quenottes for later!

Just the moment both dreaded the energetic friction with the brush for nails, followed by the Detangling with a large comb, also in scrap. If, if, I swear! Also appears that it is to not' well! It whips the blood, they say. Certainly, there are weird those Beefy living on their two hind legs...! Then came the coup chisel here and there, then the cutter for nails, will follow the cotton swab in the nose holes, moved on with water in the eyes before the thing that stings and feels good in the ears. And if it is not passed out after all that, it will end in the bath, massage with fingering and hot foam optional. And what about drying version turbo-compresso-kicker? What torment, mes aïeux! Moreover, it is not completely innocent or safe as we took the precaution of us secure before this super ventilation. Reminds you not washing for cars? Lacking the rotating rollers and wax silicone...

After this dust-wash-dry-polishing, pass illico presto and ipso facto to the inevitable, the indispensable, as I say, the inescapable meeting photos. Catapostrophe! as said my beloved Grandma. Hours and hours to pretend to eat cookies! Obviously, any ' well a p'tit piece falling into the throat from time to time, but really not big, I swear to you. And then turns you over here, and then turns you there... and the left paw that not going well and the ear which is recovering because of the wind and the Sun that is more than the right side... hours, I tell you, for a few ridiculous crumbs! See! Y' has no sun at all and see how it pulls one!

And it is to the pictures! Imagine the day when it will make cinema!

I also, since this is the quarter of an hour of all swing, tell you the crazy sessions of the string around the neck! Think if there quickly pretended to comply! It hurts pretty darn less because it lasts less time, it is quite stupid! And they are happy to announce which wants to hear - the nearby first - known already, at our age, walk on a leash! The poor Lady, if she knew!

And me, I also ask you why the boss is fiddling me non-stop between the thighs? It would be, he said, to verify that my two PomPoms are neatly in their saddlebags minis! Where does that I enforce, this fool? Behind the ears, no doubt! Note, it is p' sucks it called after the catons...But, me, I do not believe too because girls to also catch these widgets here.

Keep, the aut' day, the same pattern, leads there we see the veto in green blouse. Very, very nice one. Same is called Georges. (Surely, it must call him JOJO like me). There caressed us the head and after, splash, all put us in the dark to watch with a big magnifying glass in hand and a loupiotte on the head, our eyes one by one (if you follow, it made four in all) and after that, it was all happy and not' boss also. We, there is nothing obviously understood, we had eyes that were crying because of the drops, but they, are discussed and had the air of good laugh. So, that is still occupied with us, I made a huge pee on the ground. Mimi got imitated, well done! P'tite Secretary, cute too and called in great urgency, has reapplied immediately with his MOP and its p'tit bucket. Thank you, mademoiselle! Anyway, me, they told me that here was a firm, then...

Large, that are in the courtyard next door that we live there told us that one day, when one if more ra is required that we go back to our hips radios. Curious, need I ask how that can listen to music with it...

Note of course that is exaggerating a little, our masters, are also sometimes well brave. First, they we have built a very large park of games with stuff inside chewing and lug, they caress us quite often, they walk in the city, they give us cakes which smell good chicken, beef and salmon together... and then, at night, after this rough day, they finally fuck us peace! Ah! A good Snooze, wet truffle in the slippers of the master, y' as it's true! That of happiness! And nothing that for it, there really want to stay here!

Known even later, but only if it deserves, it will travel everywhere, to find other boyfriends and girlfriends, cousins and cousins, on the carpet or grass and even that sometimes it will rait applauded by many people all around!

Us, stars, stars maybe, think a little, my Mimi?

But said you and you repeat it, before that, it isn't downright fastoche to be a good Shepherd of Scotland! Because we are patient, but them, will enough?

That is why, my good, my dear, my true friends, that you are asked and even we implore you: make a big prayer for us! And for punishment, you will have a thorough of us two.

Soon we hope...

JOJO & his little MIMI Benard
Collected words with the complicity of Jean-Claude AGOUTIN


Hello friends,

On had whispered you it the last time that it caused: if it became not too ugly, we would go on display. Well, imagine that it is now done!
Since a few days, our master, Daddy - the observer, there looked us not quite as usual. He seemed quite satisfied with us. Why? This, it is not really known. The fact remains that he decided suddenly us attend a dog show. Some jerking mouse on the small carpet foam from the computer and presto! We are immediately scheduled for a trip, class Ward, near the d-day landing beaches...
Memorable weekend, certainly!

The adventure begins the day before by a general and thorough inspection of the bun, the fleece and... the rump. Many frictions in return of Daddy - the energetic with his formidable wire brush to erase the apparent disorder of the coat. As a bonus, all peripheral care which I have told you the last time, but a little more zealous...
Sunday morning, waking up with a bang at five o'clock stack hair, well before the singing of our Gallic Rooster (claim fairly upset volatile said: why don't we never stack say pen?).
Exit health therefore required, in the dark, the cold and the rain. Brrrrr!
It flows even an hour of various preparations before that one is nestled in the trunk...

At the end of a journey rather longish during which Mimi will not stop make interesting sound crachouillant bubbles as if she had swallowed a SOAP, you arrive at daybreak on a huge parking cars, couriers and vans all kinds. Seen down precipitously from hundreds of dogs and similar because all are not really like us.
Here a very small, very angry are agitated and égosillent in kinds of birds, stacked cages on Devils roller. There, monsters with a big pif, pendulous ears and lips that ooze. These Beefy have air tow people who are at the end of the leash and trying vainly to move in a vertical position. Super funny! I spotted also of any curly with the Kway and boots, to the look of Breton sailors a stormy day.
Began a laborious slalom between people, animals, cars, trees, puddles, and forgive me, things, often soft and all still smoldering, smelly - Ugh! -(I suddenly realize why we are fasting since yesterday! All the masters might give, to the next excursion, to impose on their protected this same discipline, simple and... beneficial for all.)
The crowd two-legged and the four-legged now seem drawn to the vast hangar. There, to the door, a long tail like that as a gentleman and a lady controls our passports. Brief check and they kindly agree to let us go. Waouf!

The concert of barking barely endurable out here becomes downright intolerable: he is in super stereo and much too amplified the resonance of this huge subwoofer. For some, it would try even to escape! A quick glance at the catalogue, then on the map, and it is finally headed for an another hall. Suddenly, I spotted collies a bit like us, but of a different colour. Come on, James, does not lose face! I advance proud as Artaban, with the pitch ensured a stopper of the discipline. From the corner of the eye, I watch my Mimi and I observe that its head, like a gyroscope, screws and unscrews 360 ° to better enjoy the show. Ah! girls, always also curious...
In urgency and haste, Daddy - the investigator will attempt now to identify the correct number of our cage. But everything has expertly mixed air. The 212 is 615 which, itself is near the 38... Bizarre! Bizarre! It should still be a new hobby of humans... Daddy - the annoyed decides suddenly to stop this stupid game, and decreed that our shelter will be one that is precisely in front of him. He discreetly overrides the number already in place by that he found in the customs envelope! NI vu, ni connu, I confused you...
This gives us right to the smiling Daddy break - the mischievous.
Can take our neighborhoods in this sort of cage fauves - and air - currents to drink a good shot of fresh water, well deserved after these first few emotions.

But the break is well short: we find ourselves sitting on a coffee table lent by friends for a new session of manicure, intended this time to remove the red sand that stick us to the legs

It is our national Mimì who will open the ball with two other girlfriends in the same model. A little intimidated, it approached Madam Justice who looked at it with a smile. What Cute Teddy bear! She says while gently caressing it the head. (I think that it is also to see if the skull is flat...) As the veto, observes gently its chops - those of Mimi, for those who are struggling to keep... - check the teeth, then head back, the front legs, those from behind, and slightly tends the tail.
Musical interlude:
¯Et the tail ¯et tail, ¯alouette, ¯alouette... ¯

A glance at all, a few words to what must be a friend. She scribbled: Super character, a beautiful crack if not chewable head... BOF! They weren't especially things to tell him! I tell you not the ankles that she will be returning to the fold...
Comes now from the promenade. It consists of the round trip and followed with a p' round tit on-site. And thats it! It actually more at home, it, that's for sure! Daddy - the Bursar yields still a few crumbs, and as expected, Mimi devours eyes, failing to be able to enjoy.
Therefore, ca exposure! Since that time on flap me ears. I do not see that there is very complicated in...

It will be my turn one hour after, but with a gentleman, of course. Even cinema, same result. Except that I now have the advantage to learn a little more on the programme of the celebration. I concentrate in the extreme to deserve the dry biscuit that comes out of the right pocket, but, alas, always also fragmented. My tail defeated the measure like the pendulum of a metronome and this movement betrays my impatience... Judge feels me to everywhere. It finally calls the small fitness trail. Then I expected! And I more happily than Mimi Trots to show all my know-how. Fool, idiot, stupid the Jojo! Fatal error! On the slip (don't ask me why it's called like that...), it is written: very flattering Ensemble, an excellent length but whip which tends to rise in motion... !
Damn! PAS convenient for good hair without having to show it

MIDI. lunch break. Still a privilege for the masters!
Afternoon: Alternation of NAPs on the carpet of cage and walks in the alleys to discover the other guests of the day. For the most part, they are sleepy. They seem totally resigned and also not hide. Others are still perched on the pedestal table from the powdery dressing and await the final and redeeming lacquer cloud. Finally, a few rare madmen, escaped from I don't know what zoo, brutally throw themselves on everything that moves in shouting insults. Such dog, such master! We would be well advised to be wary also of their owners...
What do you darlings, all cares ' the camp, even good manners! So much content to be a Collie! In this catch-all store, I have not found better today.

Sixteen hours, distribution of the oscars in the very promising that we have become very officially during this memorable day: two riquiqui bowls, blue plastic, atop a small chrome plated base. So, if it's called a cup! And as I suppose, Let's now nibble here in, it promises... We would have preferred it style Bowl, tureen, or even pot! Not true, Mimi?
Summarizes? Pretty nice, this first breath of fresh air. But on the side of fun, then, frankly, y' has better!
But, I heard that in Vincennes...

JOJO & his MIMI Benard
Collected words with the complicity of Jean-Claude AGOUTIN